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Installation and repair services for water softeners in San Antonio.

Water Softeners are a necessity in San Antonio

San Antonio has some of the hardest water in the United States, so water softeners are extremely important to ensure your water is pure and usable.

A lot of plumbing repairs are needed because of the hard water damaging your plumbing system and appliances. Water softeners can help to prevent a lot of damage that is caused by the hard water and make the water you use on a daily basis much better for your and your family.

We are a reliable and well-known Plumbing Company throughout the San Antonio region, who are fast, affordable and very professional. We can install, repair and replace water softener systems we promise not to sell you anything you don’t want and don’t need.

Inside look of a water softener in san antonio

Hard Water and the Effects of a Water Softener

Hard water is when water has a total hardness of 10 GPG (grains per gallon) or more. It contains calcium and magnesium, so can be responsible for a lot of limescale build-up in pipes. The water hardness in San Antonio is around 17 up to 100 GPG meaning it is more likely to cause damage to pipes etc. without a water softener.

Some water can be a lot harder to treat because of its GPG level, but as we have said before, we have extensive experience with this type of water so it won’t stop us from getting the job done with skill and professionalism.

Where Hard Water Can Attack

Water Softener Repair, Installation and Replacement in San Antonio

If you do not yet have this equipment or need a replacement, we offer quality water softeners that we can install for you quickly and with no complications. We make sure to install trusted and quality products so they will be long lasting and trouble free.

If something is wrong with your current water softener system, it may not need a complete replacement; it might just need a water softener repair. Our plumbers are licensed, insured and trained with the best plumbing techniques. We want you to feel stress free and have confidence in our professional plumbers in san antonio.

Type of water softeners:

Water Filtration System

We provide Nelsen water filtration systems to take care of the tremendously hard water

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

We proudly provide and install Arrow reverse osmosis systems

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