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Camera Plumbing Inspections in San Antonio

Having issues with constant back-ups, or buying a new home? We have several cameras here at Chambliss Plumbing that we can run through the line to determine if there are any root intrusions or breaks in the line. Our plumbers can also perform a hydrostatic test on your system as well! These tests will give peace of mind to any new homebuyer, as well as give quality information to any existing homeowner. 

Sewer Camera Plumbing Inspections

By inserting a video camera directly into your drain lines, our professional San Antonio plumbing technicians pinpoint causes for continually slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs, whether it be root intrusion or crushed, cracked or misaligned pipes.

Chambliss Plumbing video inspection shows the detailed condition of drain lines, pinpoints location of repairs if necessary, is safe for all pipes, and verifies the restored condition of cleaned and repaired pipes.

Diagnose problems with blockage or broken lines with our reliable camera plumbing inspection, which may be cause by:

While no one really wants to see the inside of their home’s sewer line, it is sometimes imperative for plumbers to be fully aware of the condition of these pipes. Roots, collapses, breaks and bellies can cause catastrophic damage to sewer-line function and condition. You probably won’t even be aware of any existing issues until your home’s drains begin to slow and eventually back up completely.

Chambliss Plumbing will clear your lines and film your sewer line. This is a necessary step in the maintenance of your sewer system. Our sewer camera equipment offers the latest technology in the field, being digital and full-color, with long-range inspection and location possibilities.

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