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I had a new water softener put in got a good , fair price very efficient. My house had not be plumbed before. Love it
Marcia Rockne
23:16 19 Oct 19
Chambliss Plumbing was fantastic! Roy came out to take care of a leaky pipe in the back yard. He was able to come early to get started. He quickly identified the problem and went to work to get it fixed. He worked hard the entire time and was incredibly kind and friendly during the repairs. We hope we don't have any future plumbing issues, but will 100% call Chambliss if we do!
Chase Hathaway
21:54 09 Oct 19
I am so, so glad we found Chambliss plumbing. Clayton solved several plumbing problems we were having at the house that had stumped three other plumbers. He was very knowledgeable and his expert work gave us great peace of mind. The scheduling was easy and the prices are very fair, too. Such fantastic service! I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Lauren Turek
22:36 15 Sep 19
We have used this company for many years. They are very good at what they do. The guys are knowledgeable, clean cut, polite and show up on time.
Michelle Hyde
10:32 06 Sep 19
Great company and good guys. The work they have done for us over the years has always been exceptional. The guys are polite and professional.
Michelle Hyde
01:31 05 Sep 19
Troy came to fix an outside leak for me today, he was on time, called to let me know he was on his way. Worked very hard, told me what he needed to do, and was very nice and professional! Wonderful to have such great service! ! I would give 10 stars for a great job!!
Jacki Bross
22:54 13 Aug 19
Highly recommend! They were on time, friendly, honest taught us a lot so we can do it ourselves next time and way less expensive than I expected!!!
Sherrie Mulcahy
19:38 03 Jul 19
Nicest people to deal with. Their man Clayton was working at our neighbors house and we saw him and he then fixed our issue immediately as well. They are fast, fair and extremely knowledgeable. I will recommend to all my neighbors. Thank You Clayton & Chambliss Plumbing!
Mike Douglas
18:04 11 Jun 19
Nicest people to deal with. Their man Clayton was working at our neighbors house and we saw him and he then fixed our issue immediately as well. They are fast, fair and extremely knowledgeable. I will recommend to all my neighbors. Thank You Clayton & Chambliss Plumbing!
Mike Douglas
18:04 11 Jun 19
Chambliss plumbing was excellent! When my water heater stopped working, they replaced the gas valves after checking to see if they were under warranty, so I only had to pay for labor. The team was prompt, professional and kept me updated on their progress. I would highly recommend their services and plan to use them in the future.
Kathy Sawey
16:37 08 Jun 19
My better half and I moved to the San Antonio area not long ago, and Chambliss Plumbing helped us to make a very educated decision regarding a prospective home purchase. Due to the trust that we immediately felt with Mr. Chambliss, we contacted his company when we were looking at repairs and plumbing additions to our home. There is something to be said for trust and exceptional skill and professionalism. Not only is Kevin Chambliss an expert in his field, he brings a wealth of information on other maintenance needs wherever he goes (via trusted referrals and pro-tips where applicable). In short, as long as Chambliss Plumbing is open for business, they're going to be our trusted plumber for the duration of our residency in this great city/state.
Wayne Parsons
19:25 26 Feb 19
When I needed a Hot water heater replaced, I called Chambliss Plumbing Company. James Ramos arrived at my home with a new hot water heater of equivalent size as the old one. The skill and professionalism of James' work when replacing the water heater in garage closet was outstanding. Once he had the old water heater out of the closet, he vacuumed up the water which had overflowed the drip pan. When James replaced my hot water heater, he also replaced all of the connections, hoses, and even the gas cut off valve. As I watched James, I was so impressed by how he went about is job ensuring all connections were sealed and seated properly. I was also impressed with how he was so professional and patient with me when asking all of my questions. When James was finished installing my new hot water heater, he even checked the water pressure coming into my home to ensure it was of the proper pressure. Before James left he made sure all the water on the garage floor was wiped up and explained in detail the warranties for the new hot water heater. When James drove off after completing the job, I knew from now on Chambliss Plumbing Company would always have my future plumbing business.
Terry Westrum
18:42 24 Feb 19

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We know that even the smallest of leaks can cause major problems, which is why we can send over a team member fast to get the job done quickly by your San Antonio Plumber.

Our highly skilled San Antonio Plumbers  can help you with a variety of  emergencies, such as frozen pipes and water leaks.

Not only do plumbing problems cause major inconveniences, causing you to put your life and business on hold, but they can also lead to devastating damage to your property if the issue is not resolved quickly and to a high standard. Our well trained professionals always call before arriving within your scheduled two-hour window and deliver quality results.

Our quick response will help to minimize any damage to your property, while keeping your costs in check. We are driven by quality results and always ensure that our services are completed to your full satisfaction. You can count on our licensed and insured professional plumber to complete the job to your satisfaction every time.

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To ensure all of our customers receive the very best service from our San Antonio Plumber, we make sure that everyone in our team is fully licensed and insured.

All of our plumbers and apprentices undergo criminal background checks, to ensure the safety and security of our customers and offer you complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service, which is why we ensure that our company employee will arrive at your home or commercial property on time and wearing a clean-cut uniform. With Chambliss Plumbing, you know you are choosing a trusted company in San Antonio that you can depend on.

If you need a fully licensed and skilled San Antonio service provider, you can rest assured that Chambliss Plumbing will carry out the service you need to a high and professional standard. We are proud to say that our company delivers quality customer service each and every time, which is why we are so highly rated and well known in the area.

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No matter what your plumbing needs may be, we can provide a quality and affordable solution. We always ensure that we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. That way we guarantee the best results and the best possible service at every stage of the process. Receive fast results, without having to compromise on quality or service from our Plumbers in San Antonio.

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