Kevin Chambliss
Kevin ChamblissMaster license no. M14952
My name is Kevin Chambliss. I am the owner and proprietor of Chambliss Plumbing Company since 1991. I am the father of 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I love spending time with my family, fellowship with our friends, riding bikes, scuba diving, and helping in our community. I have been a master plumber since 1985.
Andre Barrera
Andre BarreraJourneyman license no. J41569
My name is Andre Barrera, AKA the “water whisperer” and I enjoy spending time at the lake, fishing, and hunting. I have been a licensed journeyman plumber since 1989. I am married and have one daughter.
Josh Ruiz
Josh RuizJourneyman license no. J46699
Hello, my name is Josh Ruiz. I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for 10 years. I have a 4 year old daughter and wife. I have held my journeyman’s license since 2011. I love to hunt and fish in my free time.

Clayton Dillion
Clayton DillionJourneyman license no. J47115
My name is Clayton Dillion, and I’ve worked for Chambliss Plumbing Company for 8 years. I’ve been a licensed plumber since 2011. I enjoy a good conversation, thinking outside the box, as well as spending time with my lovely wife and beautiful daughter.
Joaquin Corrales
Joaquin CorralesJourneyman license no. J46665
Hi my name is Joaquin Corrales; I have been in the plumbing industry for 10 years. I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for 8 years. I’m engaged to my fiancée Allyson, I enjoy hiking and going to the coast on my time off.

Troy Dove
Troy DoveJourneyman License no. J49088
Hello my name is Troy Dove; I have been working with Chambliss for around 4 years. I have lived in San Antonio for just over 4 years. I was born and raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It was a complete change in environment but I love the opportunities Texas has. I plan to finish plumbing trade school at St. Phillip’s and get my master license.

Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben RodriguezJourneyman license no. J49188
Hi my name is Ruben Rodriguez; I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for almost 4 years. I have a wife and a 4 year old son. I enjoy fishing, watching sports, and spending time with my family.

James Ramos
James RamosLicensed Tradesman T5657
My name is James Ramos. I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for going on 3 years now. I have a 5 year old son. I am taking plumbing courses at St. Phillip’s college and working to become a master plumber. I am also in the army reserve and working on getting my helicopter license. As of the beginning of April 2017 James has received his Tradesman License. He now has his own Truck. T 5657

Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson RodriguezLicensed Tradesman T6355
Hi my name is Nelson Rodriguez. I am 22 years old. I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for a little over two years. I am keen to learn as much as possible so I can become a journeyman plumber. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Alda Gonzalez
Alda GonzalezLicensed Apprentice
Hello, my name is Alda Gonzalez. I love animals; pugs in particular are my favorite. I have been working for Chambliss Plumbing for about 5 months. I am excited to learn more.

BlakeLicensed Apprentice
My name is Blake; I was born and raised here in San Antonio. I graduated from Smithson Valley High School, and went on to attend both S.A.C. locally and Colorado State- Pueblo. I enjoy sports and concerts. I have two dogs and a second job at a farmers market. My other interests include nutrition, reading, and golf.

Roy Garcia
Roy GarciaLicensed Apprentice
My name is Roy Garcia. I am an apprentice at Chambliss Plumbing. I like to camp and swim on my time off. I also love breakfast tacos. Fishing is another one of my favorite things to do when I can.

Calvin Sylvester
Calvin SylvesterLicensed Apprentice
Hello, my name is Calvin Sylvester. I am 23 years old and I am an apprentice here at Chambliss Plumbing. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, and out on the water. I have a 7 year old black lab.

Justin Chambliss
Justin ChamblissLicensed Apprentice
My name is Justin Chambliss and my favorite activity outside of work is golf. I have been working here with my parents since I was 15, and I am currently a senior at Texas State University where I am pursuing a degree in Marketing.
John Gembarowski
John GembarowskiLicensed Tradesman T6354
My name is John Gembarowski. I am an apprentice with Chambliss Plumbing. I am currently enrolled at St. Phillip’s college with the PHCC to further my knowledge in plumbing. I have two dogs and two cats at home. In my free time, I like to hunt and fish.

Chris Urdiales
Chris UrdialesParts manager
My name is Chris Urdiales, I am the parts manager. I have been with Chambliss Plumbing for about 4 years. I am 48 years old. I have a daughter. I like cats and play baseball on Saturdays in a veterans league that is 40 years and older.

Kathy Chambliss
Kathy ChamblissVice President/Co-owner
My name is Kathy Chambliss, and I have owned the company with my husband Kevin Chambliss since we began in 1991. Together, we have 3 beautiful children, and 2 grandchildren. I love spending time with my family, gardening, riding horses, and scuba diving. We have turned this business into a family.

Renee Foerster
Renee FoersterBookkeeper
Hello, my name is Renee Foerster, and I have worked for Chambliss Plumbing Co. since 1993. I have been able to watch the company grow and it has become my extended family. I am happily married to my husband William Foerster for 10 years and I have 3 Chihuahuas. I enjoy the beach, camping, BBQ, riding Harleys with my husband, and spending time with family.

Sarah Chambliss
Sarah ChamblissMarketing manager/Dispatching
My name is Sarah Chambliss. I have been working for my parents company, Chambliss Plumbing, for about 4 years now. I have one awesome Australian Shepherd named Gabby, who gets to come to work with me every day, and two Bengal cats. I am also attending college classes after work at Northeast Lakeview and hope transfer to UTSA to get my bachelors in business marketing and communication studies after getting my associates in business this fall.

Lindsey Lira
Lindsey LiraAccounts Receivable & Dispatching
My name is Lindsey Lira; I am a secretary at Chambliss Plumbing Company. I started at Chambliss in 2009 and after a brief hiatus for my schooling, I am happy to be back with the Chambliss family. I have three dogs named Tazz, Sadie, and Mimi. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and going to the dog park.