Warning Signs That You Need A Pipe Repair

If you want to reduce your utility bills this fall, one of the most essential plumbing services to consider is pipe repair. It can be difficult for homeowners to spot problems with their pipes, as they are typically located under floors and between walls.
Therefore, you could have a problem with your pipes and not even know it, meaning the problem could be growing and becoming worse. If the issue is a leaky pipe, this can cost you a lot of money on wasted water and an increased water bill, or even lead to an expensive water damage restoration service. busted pipes - pipe repair san antonio
However, there’s no need to despair as identifying the signs of a pipe problem is not that complicated. You just need to take a closer look around your home, which will help you in determining if your pipes are in need of professional repair.
When Should I Contact a Plumber for Pipe Repair?
Signs of leaky pipes may not be what you expect, so take note of the following warning signs that you need pipe repair.
Rust spots: Your water pipes run throughout the whole of your house, so if you spot a rust spot, even if it’s in a place you wouldn’t expect to find it, it could mean that your pipes are old and rusting, and need replacing.
Replacing your pipes can be very expensive, so before you start to panic or spend lots of money restoring your pipes, contact a trusted local plumber. They will advise you if your pipes can be fixed, or if a replacement is imminent.
Unexplained holes and cracks: Any pipes with visible cracks or holes is a need for concern. The older your pipes, the more at risk they are of physical damage. If you allow this damage to persist, it will only get worse, so make sure you contact a plumber at the first visible sign of physical pipe damage.
Corrosion in your pipes: Some pipes will be visible, such as the pipes in your basement and the outside of your house. You need to check these pipes for corrosion regularly. If there are any corroded pipes, then the pipes inside your home are also corroding, and they need immediate attention before they burst.
Decrease in water pressure: If you start to notice that the water pressure in your home has decreased, making it more difficult to wash dishes and take showers, this usually means that your pipes are failing. When experiencing any unexplained drops in water pressure, you need to contact a plumber to inspect your pipes, as they could collapse at any moment.
Old Home: If your home was built a long time ago, it’s possible that you still have the home’s original pipes, which can become an issue. The older the house gets, so do the pipes, making corrosion and rust very likely. If you believe that your pipes are original, then contact a plumber to inspect them, just in case. pipe repair san antonio
Damp floors and walls: Any water stains on your floors or walls mean that you need to contact a professional for pipe leak repair as quickly as possible before severe water damage occurs. Damp floors and walls will lead to mold growth, decreasing your air quality and the health of you and your family.