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Residential Plumbing


All residential repair and service work is performed by a licensed plumber in a marked uniform and van.  Background checks, including criminal history, are performed on all plumbers and apprentices.

We stock a broad variety of repair parts for most fixtures less than 30 years old. (Faucets, commodes, tubs and showers).


We stock Kohler Faucets on all trucks and are a member of Kohler Advantage program.  This gives us quicker response for troubleshooting and any warranty issues for Kohler (this saves our customers money).


Chambliss Plumbing is a Sloan Elite provider and stock the Sloan Pressure Assist Commodes for heavy residential and light commercial performance (this product out performs any other flush by over 200%, this means they don’t stop up and they come with a 10 year parts warranty).


We repair or replace most major garbage disposals and carry the ISE Brand on our trucks.  Replacements start out at $270.00 for disposal and labor.


Chambliss Plumbing repairs or replaces any type of gas system, black iron, CSST, underground poly fusion pipe and is certified for L.P. gas systems.

We can also help with CPS Energy rebates for electric to gas conversion.


High water pressure is a common problem on the growing north side of San Antonio.  Excessive pressure can cause system failure and result in minor or major water damage.  Pressure is controlled by installation of a Pressure Regulator near  the water meter if accessible.  Most municipalities also require installation of thermal expansion tanks if a regulator is installed.  We stock Wilkens heavy duty pressure regulators with double unions for longer life and easier replacement.

Normal regulator installation for 1” installed – $380.00


We handle a full line of sewer and drain cleaning equipment on our vans, including sewer cameras and location equipment, so we can easily identify your problem underground and pinpoint the location of your drain problem.  To keep cost down, we will provide you with a DVD of your line so you can get other estimates for your work.