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Plumbing Safety Tips for Homeowners


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Plumbing Safety Tips for Homeowners

Being a homeowner means that you’re responsible for the maintenance of everything in your home. These responsibilities include your plumbing system and all its fixtures. While it is always recommended that you contact a professional plumber for any significant fixes, there are a few plumbing issues you can take care of yourself around your home. San Antonio Plumber
However, you need to be well versed in the proper safety practices before you start any basic plumbing repairs in your home. Follow these safety tips and avoid making common DIY plumbing mistakes.

Follow The Dos and Don’ts

Make sure you always follow the dos and don’ts of DIY plumbing maintenance and repair.

● Cover Your Hands: You need to protect your hands at all times, primarily if you will be working with pipes and chemicals found in drain cleaners. When you are snaking or cleaning your drains, we recommend using a pair of latex gloves underneath your work gloves, which will protect your hands from coming into contact with any bacteria or germs.
● Shield Your Eyes: You need to wear proper safety glasses whenever you’re doing plumbing work. No matter if you’re hammering, filing down a pipe, drilling, snaking a drain or sawing, you want to make sure that nothing has the chance to fly off and hurt your eyes.
● Have a Partner: Ideally, you should do all plumbing repairs with a partner, who can help you in case you need any assistance. Your partner can turn off a machine quickly, turn off the water when you’re fixing a leak, or assist you in snaking a drain. The situation will only be more productive and safer when you have an extra set of hands and eyes helping you out.
● Leave the Hard Stuff to the Professionals: You can inspect your plumbing on your own, as well as fix small issues. However, keep in mind that any bigger job is best left suited to the professionals. Tackling a more significant task on your own means you could end up doing more harm than good and needing the help of the professionals.

● Ignore Strange Smells:
When performing a plumbing fix or maintenance, don’t ignore any strange smells coming out of your drain. These smells could mean that your drain is blocked, and it needs to be cleared. Its also very important that if you smell any gas, you vacate your home immediately and contact your gas company so they can come, verify, and fix any leaks.
● Misuse Your Tools:
Tools are always created with a specific job in mind, so make sure you always read the instructions and use your tool for the job it was designed for. Abusing a device or using it for something it wasn’t meant to could break the tool and you could end up injuring yourself.
● Make It Up As You Go:
When installing a fixture or repairing a plumbing issue, one wrong move could mean you are standing ankle deep in water with a new leak and a new set of problems. If you’re not sure of how to fix something, don’t wing it. Contact your local plumber instead, as they will know how to repair the problem. Calling a plumbing company will mean that you won’t have to pay them to correct both the original issue and the issue you created while trying to fix it.