things you shouldn't flush in a toilet

Five Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet


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Five Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

It can be convenient to flush different bits of household waste down the toilet as a form of disposal, and many of us do not think about the consequences of this. While it can seem harmless to flush a variety of items down the toilet in your home, many of these will become stuck in the pipes or drains and therefore cause a dangerous blockage. Toilets unclogged

Avoid causing unnecessary damage by ensuring you don’t flush the wrong things down your toilet.

What Can You Flush?

Knowing what is safe to flush down your toilet is often easier than finding out what is unsuitable. There are only three main things that you should flush, encompassing all forms of human waste and toilet paper.
On the other hand, there is an extensive list of unsuitable items that people have been found to flush down the toilet in their homes, some of which can be surprising. Most people are guilty of flushing toiletries and bathroom items that are believed to be suitable but can cause your pipes to become blocked and damage your drains.
Take a look through this list, and next time you find yourself about to flush one of these items, stop and think twice about the best way to dispose of it.

Bathroom Wipes
Wet wipes are often found in many people’s bathrooms alongside baby wipes as they can be used to freshen up. You can purchase bathroom wipes that are supposed to be flushable; however, many of these are not degradable so you should throw them in the trash.
Most people do not consider these as something to avoid putting in the toilet and think that, like toilet paper, they are designed to be flushed.
Bathroom wipes are one of the leading causes of clogs and blockages both in the home and in the main sewer lines of the wider area.

Feminine Hygiene Products
Public bathrooms and restrooms often provide an alternative method of disposal for feminine hygiene products such as tampons or sanitary towels. However, in the home it can be harder to find a suitable method of disposal, meaning many people often opt to flush these down the toilet. While doing this can be a much easier, more convenient and quicker option but is more likely to cause your drains to become blocked, as they are not designed to be flushed.

Disposable diapers are designed to be thrown out with other household waste and trash, rather than flushed away.
While it may appear suitable to flush these down the toilet, the diaper itself cannot be broken down and will most likely become stuck in your drain.clogged toilets san antonio

Fats, Oils, and Grease
Food substances and liquids such as fats, oils or grease can damage your household pipes, resulting in a costly repair bill.
Hot liquids, particularly grease, will congeal when they cool down. Since they congeal, it means that if you flush them away, they will start to clog the drain, causing harmful damage over time.

Dental Floss
You floss your teeth in the bathroom, meaning it can be easy just to flush the used dental floss after you use it.
Floss is non-biodegradable and will become tangled with other objects, creating a series of small clogs that will eventually cause a lot of damage.
These are just a few of a long list of items that people flush down their toilets, but are unsuitable and potentially hazardous. When in doubt, just throw it in the trash.