Water Softener Service/Repair

Preventive maintenance service can keep your water softener running smoothly without any problems. Cleaning is the most common and essential part. It removes all the sediments of hard water and the deposits from the internal parts. Inspection of in exchange media, gravel under-bedding, and distributor tube assembly can help in identifying the common problems like contamination.water softener service-repair-installation

Salt Keeper (Brine Tank) Service

Salt keeper is a main component of the water softener unit. Deposits of hard and insoluble particles can happen due to the regular working of the water softener.
• Find the “bypass” valve or the button on the softener. The digital softener will have a red button behind the control unit. Or it could be a turning type knob. Follow the manual instruction to shut down the water supply to the softener and get direct water to your home until the softener service is done.
• Open the brine tank top diffuser and the control head. Use a screwdriver or a wrench to unfasten the screws and nuts.
• Empty the water in the tank.
• Remove the salt completely from the tank
• Fill the tank with hot water and add a few spoons of tank washing liquid. Stir well and let the mix soak the tank for 20 minutes.
• Use a long-handled brush and scrub well.
• Empty the soapy water and fill with clean water. Scrub again to take out the remaining debris.
• Clean and dry the tank.
• Fill the tank with the softener manufacturer recommended salt.
• Close the tank and turn off the bypass mode.

Here, we have assumed that the softener has a separate brine tank. If it has an inbuilt tank, you can access it by opening the softener’s top guard. You can do this service once in a week or fifteen days to keep your softener working in good condition. You can also clean the main unit of the softener using the same method.

Component Service

Check the O-rings, bypass valve, screws and nuts (especially the threaded ones), funnel, timer, gauge, distributor, and the fleck-valve. If you find any cracks, loosened parts, or wear and tear, it is a good practice to replace them.

Water Softener Repair

Common problems with the water softener may include control system failure, salt-bridge formation, Ion-exchange breakdown, blockages, and parts breakdown. Water filtration San Antonio

Problem Detection

The error code on the display screen of the softener will often tell you the type of problem encountered. For example, it could include motor breakdown, defective PC board, power inlet damage, or resin damages.


You need to distinguish between reparable and replaceable parts for the repair. For example, it is possible to repair a problem like salt bridge and resin blockage. Defects in motor drive cap assembly and PC-Board may need part replacement rather than repair.
You should identify the problem to be solvable by the DIY method or with the help of a professional expert. He can help you in the servicing and repairing of the water softener at highly affordable costs.