Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems in San Antonio, TX

Reverse osmosis is a great choice when you want to have a system that can provide you and your loved ones, or business, with great tasting and healthy water for a range of needs from cooking to drinking. From your pasta and homemade soups to your fresh squeezed lemonade and iced teas, everything will be better. For more details on reverse osmosis please see below, or contact us in San Antonio.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis systems are water purification systems designed for point of use drinking water. All reverse osmosis systems in principle work the same with a series of filters. First and second stages are for removal of chlorine and other chemicals along with particles over 5 microns. The third stage is a membrane filter that filters down to .0006 microns, mostly pure water molecules will get through this filter.


The water that passes through your reverse osmosis system will have a rejection of 95-98% of all dissolved solids (contaminates). That will leave you with a very high quality of water for drinking and cooking. So you will have water and food that tastes great and is healthier and safer for you and your family, or your business.

Types of systems

The differences in reverse osmosis systems are the quality of filters and filter housings, and level of service given to support the equipment. All of our reverse osmosis and softener systems are built locally and we service everything we sell. We have not changed manufacturers in over 20 years. We believe we have the best value in softeners and reverse osmosis systems in the area, and so do our customers

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is simple and effective water filter system. This type of system is used to convert hard water into water that is better for appliances etc. and safe to consume. The reverse osmosis system has some great benefits, here being a few:

  • It improves the taste, appearance and smell of your water
  • It’s a very effective water purifier
  • It consumes no electricity
  • It removes and does not collect pollutants
  • It’s easy to keep clean

If you live in San Antonio or its surrounding areas and are interested in getting a water softener, need a new system or just some maintenance don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. We can help you to find out what you need. Our friendly staff is here to help with any questions you have and can also give you a free phone quote.

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