Preparing Your Bathroom and Kitchen for Fall and Winter

Fall is here, which means winter is just around the corner. With temperatures expected to drop, it’s time to prepare your kitchen and bathroom for the cold weather ahead. The best time to begin the home maintenance projects is now so that you and your family will be warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. Bathroom Plumbing
Bathrooms and kitchens are usually colder than the other rooms in your house, which could lead to them being uncomfortable places to spend time in during chilly mornings or evenings. More frigid temperatures in your bathroom and kitchen can also create problems for your furniture, appliances, and plumbing, which could lead to expensive repairs come spring.
To make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are prepared for the colder season, there are some steps you can take, which will lead to a warm and cozy environment all over your home.

Tips to Prepare Your Bathroom and Kitchen for Cold Weather

Preparing your home for the cold weather up ahead doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the following tips to get things ready and help avoid costly repairs down the line.
Check your heating system: You’ll need to ensure that your heater is working correctly in your entire house, including your bathroom and kitchen. Fall is an excellent time to contact a professional for an annual check-up, as they will inspect your system and make sure that it’s working correctly. During this inspection, the expert should also change your air filters and check your ducts for any debris or mold.
Reverse your ceiling fans: You may not know it, but reversing and using your ceiling fans during winter will help to reduce your heating bill. When you run the fan in a clockwise direction at a low-speed setting, it will move the air at the top of the room downwards, making sure to spread the heat evenly throughout any room. Your fan should have a reverse switch, so check your manufacturer’s instructions if you aren’t able to find it.

Insulate your pipes: To avoid your pipes freezing during the winter, they should be correctly insulated. As well as pipe insulation, your walls should also be protected and your house should be kept at a warm temperature, making sure the pipes aren’t subjected to freezing temperatures. For added protection, you can install additional insulation around your pipes.

Check your water heater: Proper water heater maintenance will ensure that you are not stuck with cold water during winter. Your water heater should be running efficiently, so you’ll have hot water for showering, washing your hands, and washing dishes all winter long. Before the cold weather sets in, inspect the tank for any corrosion or rust and check all valves and pipes for holes or leaks. Rheem-Water-Heaters-San-Antonio
Turn on your humidifier: Using a humidifier will help with the dry air around your home. Dry air can be the cause of allergy symptoms and dry skin, as well as cause damage to paint, wood, and electronics. Humidified air will also feel warmer, so you won’t need to use as much heat.

A few small changes to prepare your bathroom and kitchen will help ensure that your home is protected and safe for the winter, and you, your family and your friends will be comfortable and warm. If you need to schedule a professional maintenance to review your water heater, or HVAC system, contact a professional plumbing service today.