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What are Garbage Disposals?

It is a machine the chops-up food waste into small pieces where it can pass through the plumbing. This process is helpful to the environment because it reduces the amount of food waste in landfills, because it can be processed through the water waste treatment centers.

Garbage disposals, or disposers, chop up food waste into pieces that are small enough to pass through plumbing. They reduce food waste in the home and in landfills by diverting it to waste water treatment systems. With relatively few models and options to choose from, selecting a new garbage disposal is pretty straightforward.garbage Disposal installation

Garbage Disposal Options are very basic and straight forward. Below are some of the options you will have to consider when you need to purchase a one. Your plumbing specialist can also provide good recommendations on what you may need for your home.

Garbage disposals are available with the following options:

There are two feeder types.

Feeders- this is where the food is placed through you sink.

Continuous-feed is more convenient and allows you to push food waste into the unit while it is running. Many continuous-feed disposers operate via a switch that must be hard-wired

Batch-feed-are safer but you can only process food waste one batch at a time when the stopper if put into place. A batch-feed disposer might come with a cord that can simply be plugged into an outlet.Motor size:

These are the normal sizes to select from 1/3, ½, ¾, or 1 horsepower motors. The more powerful motors do not grind food waste finer to reduce clogs. The only real purposed of more power is recommended for homes that dispose of tougher food waste such as bones.

Speeds and Settings: Basic disposers have a single operation mode: flip the switch or push the stopper into place and it grinds at a single speed in a single direction. More advanced models, however, have options such as auto-reverse mode, anti-jamming features, and multiple grinding levels (similar to a blender).I hate the way my disposers sound!

This is an area where cost comes in. The more expensive disposers come with noise and vibration reduction features to keep it quiet. This is usually seen in the heavier disposals. Buy Stainless Steel disposals, they will last way longer and have a smother operation cycle.

The components in a stainless steel disposer over all have greater corrosion-resistance and durability.Septic assist Friendly

These disposers release microorganisms during the grinding process that help break down food waste.What is the Warranty?

Disposer warranties range from 1 year to seven years to ten years to lifetime. Some companies can also provide extended converge for a small fee.

Major garbage disposer’s brands include Waste King, KitchenAid, Viking, Kenmore, and InSinkErator.

Garbage Disposal Average Costs

Garbage disposals can range in cost from under $100 and more than $700, usually you can find a excellent unit for most homes between $150 and $350.Take into consideration the following on price.Country Garbage Disposal

Expensive unit’s normally larger motors, stainless steel components and noise reduction features. Cheaper units generally are noisier and not as good at chopping up food into fine pieces.

Plumbers or Handyman can install a garbage disposal for about $100 to $500 or more depending on the complexity of the job. Replacing an existing disposal is cheaper than a brand new installation. Adding a new electrical switch will cost more. Installation in most cases can take 1 hour to 3 hours.